CD: Where Are We Headed and What Have We Become?

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Fellow Posters:

CD is becoming a potential junior satellite of the JWs Organization. A name change may be necessary.  @BroRando  is the only poster in CD who directs traffic to his website. He promotes his WT doctrines in CD as an extension of his Church. CD is supposed to be a place of discussion, not a dumping ground for one poster's hardened religious beliefs. All because there is no rule to protect one from "denominational" wholesale website dumping.

Unfortunately, Chairman Jan hasn't addressed the matter. I don't know Jan to be a JW or endorse its teachings, but this apparent free pass is alarming and, to others, sickening. JWs' unloading is equivalent to religious urine, spread over the forums, marking CD as a spot for future territory takeover and ownership, like animals in the wild. Its doctrinal (@BroRando,  shamefully denies such existence) saturation waters down the varied voices these forums demand openness.

@Bill_Coley appears to defend speak against hard-core religious dumping on CD with a passion. I have no problem with cutting pasting third-party information or voices. I have long encouraged it. Elsewhere, @Bill_Coley, in a straw-man faction of distraction, purport that I was against this practice and hypocritical because others did so. When one has the good sense to select from a third-party source, so be it. I do know all of it will not come from one source (@BroRando's JWs Website). One religious group unloading is a bit too much for me and some other posters. I mentioned this because it, too, can be a reason others consider leaving the current CD.

 @Bill_Coley, JWs, and  @BroRando seem to share a (not so secret) marriage. They share the same core religious "Jesus is not God" doctrinal love. This remaining three-some ( @Wolfgang  is on the verge of leaving) shares the Unitarian doctrinal bed. The sad truth is, I don't think @BroRando  knows what's at the base of his religious beliefs. If he knows, he is not a good "witness" about it. The foundation of NWT bears this religious stance. Why  @Bill_Coley fail to acknowledge, at least openly, that birds of feathers (opposing Christ's divinity) flock together? Bill's latest charade of minor disagreements with  @BroRando  is woefully shameful and anemic at best. The tacit slap on the hands, a blind man can see it.

Those who are not bamboozled by @Bill_Coley's self-declared, moralist, "wanna-to-be" CD mediator, temperamental responder to posters. Some of what JWs and  @BroRando  are promoting is embarrassing and indefensible (e.g., 1914, etc.). Even if  @BroRando doesn't know,  @Bill_Coley  should have known that to mix a religious group of faulty translators who inserts words, not in the original texts (Greek/Hebrew), the final product will inevitable faulty Bible at best. Bill, you should know better, even if it has "Jesus is not God" comfort text in it. When one lies in bed with faulty doctrines, one wakes up in the morning with heresy. Am I being critical of posters, this site, or sounding the alarm for change? This and other things on where do we go from here? Next time! CM


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