144,000 of Revelation: Literal or Symbolic

The number 144,000 occurs only twice in Scripture—both times in the book of Revelation (Rev, 7:1-8) and (Rev 14:1-5).

  1. What does this number mean to Christians today?
  2. Is this the total number of people tore the same when Jesus comes?
  3. Is it literal or symbolic: 144,000 is 12 x 12 x 1,000?
  4. Are they the twelve Tribes of Israel?
  5. What is this number, and who are these people?
  6. What do people want to know about the 144,000? Is this a particular group or the only amount of people to be saved from the earth? If so, what will happen to the other 6 1/2 billion people on planet earth?

Any thoughts on the subject matter? CM

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